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Private Tours

We have been taking Soldiers and their family members around South Korea since 2018.

Please enquire about specialized trips for your group of 20 or more.


Ms Yu taught children for many years before she decided to take them out of the classroom, packing them in buses for historical journeys of their homeland.

Morning Calm Tours began with taking Soldiers with those children as volunteers.  It was a "win-win" for the Soldiers and the children! 

Curtis was an Army Chaplain for many years and wanted to give Soldiers and their families experiences that would help them understand the local culture.  He wanted to give them a reason to defend this great country if called upon to, "fight tonight!"  

The need for low-cost, culturally relevant tours led by a native-English speaker soon became evident. Americans were frustrated with tours that only dropped them off and with English-speaking tour guides whom they couldn't understand.

Our tours provide native-English guides combined with local knowledge of history and culture, and so much more. 

Our Soldiers' families told us that they needed child care beyond the hours of the CDC.  So we opened the Child's Play Center, serving the needs of the community 7 days a week, and through most holidays whether they are Korean or American.

Both businesses are run as a family business.  You will find your place with us no matter whether you are seeking cultural exchange, child care, or cultural excursions. 

Please join us and tell others!

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