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Nurture those whom you Love, Trust your Allies, and Cherish your Friends

Joining you on your journey to satisfy life's core values.

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Life Coaching and Dynamic Workshops

I have a personal theory that intimate relationships survive because they have three aspects of love within them.  The Greek terms for love are eros, agape, and phileo.

  • Eros is a passionate love that gives us those strong, almost uncontrollable emotions. This is the love that compels us to sing songs, write poems, and do some really strange and even stupid stuff!  

  • Agape is that aspect of love that cares selflessly, without the need for reward or approval from others. This is the love that we have for family, regardless of our ability to be with them, or even tolerate them.  We love them for who they are, not for what we get from them.  

  • And finally, phileo is that brotherly love that treats others as they would like to be treated, with empathy and compassion.  This aspect of love rushes into a fire to save someone without much thought. It is this aspect of love that empathizes with others, allowing us to laugh or to cry with them.

These three aspects of love are what make us human and separate us from other life forms or from technology that relies upon algorithms to make binary choices. I personally believe that relationships that are going to survive very long must have these three aspects that translate into passion, alliance, and friendship, or what I have termed, Lovers, Allies, and Friends.

LAaF offers you judgement-free, life coaching services and dynamic workshops at a time and location convenient to both of us. The fees are negotiable. Typically, I meet with people once a week unless they are in a crisis.  I will not charge extra for crises and I don't want finances to ever get between you and the services that you need.

I offer you insightful sessions that can help you with a variety of emotional difficulties helping you to function better and increase your well-being and ultimately find healing. I help you to clarify your thoughts, set realistic goals, and challenge you to become the person that you want to become. You are the person in control of your sessions and I am one resource that is available to you.

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