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Child's Play Center

Child's Play is a safe place for hourly drop-off and child-care for children ages 1-13. Hours extend beyond the duty day, over weekends, and holidays. There are toys, Legos, games, crafts, puzzles, and books for all ages.


More than just childcare, Child's Play is a safe place for children and families to meet and become friends. Membership includes exclusive activities as well as price reductions for cultural activities.


Monday - Friday 0830* - 1900

Weekends 0930 - 1900

*Willing to open at 0600 if we have at least 3 children to care for.  Enquire for more information.

Closed for These Holidays



New Year's Day

Seol Nal (Lunar New Year)

Fee Schedule

Monday - Friday Monthly Child Care Membership Rates

Children ages 2-13

₩600,000 Full Time / ₩400,000 Part Time

*Weekday Meals and weekend visits are also included in these membership and subscription rates!

Hourly Subscription and Drop Off Rates


Children 1-13 years old

1 hour - ₩10,000 / hour

20 hour subscription - ₩160,000 / ₩8,000 per hour

*60 hour subscription - ₩450,000 / ₩7,500 per hour

*120 hour subscription - ₩720,000 / ₩6,000 per hour

*200 hour subscription - ₩1,000,000 / ₩5,000 per hour

*Hours do not expire for 1 year!

Language Classes

Survival Korean Language Class for Adults

Wednesdays, 1900

You will learn how to read the Korean language and count, including money.  You will also learn about the history and culture of Korea.

Cost - Introductory cost is $0. Limited to only 6 adults.

School Children


July and August Activities

Parent's Night Out and Parent's Day Out events allow the adults to get out and have a conversation / activity without little ones interrupting them. It is a much-needed break for couples who really need to schedule a date night. Each event provides food and activities for the children.

July 22 and August 12 - Parents' Night Out 1700 - 2000, $25 for the first child and $15 for additional children.

*Summer Break - Every Thursday (June 20 to August 17) from 0830 - 1900, children can stay for only 40,000 KRW (about $30).

Call or text 010-5404-1487 for registration or more information.

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